Dj Elementz

K’Born aka DJ Elementz began his DJing career in Queens NY at the age of 11 yrs old. DJing with friends in his neighborhood he caught on quickly and began to perfect his signature smooth style earning the early moniker of KB Smooth. His name grew largely in part to doing industry parties for Motown, Def Jam, and Atlantic Records. He’s done several of the Lobster and Crabfest boat rides at the Baltimore harbor and has been rocking hard ever since. He has done College radio on several stations such as WBAU at Hofstra University, & WXDU at Duke Universtiy. Fast forward to the present. He has joined WJRRadio and has been there ever since. Since coming onto WUNK he has truly found his lane He is one of the most loved and this brother plays it all and his style shows why he has earned the name of DJ Elementz aka MR. Diversity


He is available for all types of events and will travel for the right situation.

If You’d like to reach him for Custom CDs and or events he can be reached on all of his social media :

Twitter: @Kbakadjelementz

Facebook: @Theoriginaldjelementz – Music page

Business Cell:  984-444-0317