DJ K Nikki

DJ K Nikki was born and raised in Harlem, NYC. She is considered a mix disc jockey and embarked on her djing skills at the age of 19 by teaching herself how to mix. In 2003, she began djing events and producing Mix CDs with Derrick Sage of Sage entertainment. She continued with her events planning company, Harlem Jewel Production, in 2005 with Mr. Kemp/DJ LAV. K Nikki now works as an independent DJ. She specializes in old-school hip-hop, rap, and r & b but can mix all genres. She has worked in lounges such as Nabe Harlem, Two Sha’s and now works at ponty bistro in Harlem on Saturdays from 8 pm to 1 am. She has her own online radio show on every Tuesdays at 10 pm called Nikki’s spot with DJ K Nikki and is the General Manager and Dj for

Facebook: dj.k.nikki
Instagram: dj_k_nikki