Dj Kenni Starr

Dj Kenni Starr aka The Serial Mixtaper
Dfe Records & No Limit Forever East Official Dj
Fleet DJs || Stack Up Djs || Scurry Life Djs || CashBackMafia Djs || Nerve Djs || Dj ||
Midi-Pyrenees, France
$300 to make a mixtape

Projects he has worked on for Mainstream are No Limit Forever || Dfe Records
The French Connection Mixtape

DJ Hosting Package:
– the 60 minutes of the mixtape in 40+ radio
– the cover was done
– paid promo on facebook with Facebook (sponsored)
– blast in ig, Google +, FB and Twitter
– an email to 1k+ contact
– contract you and me to let me distribute the Mixtape in France
– page in 9.0 Magazine
– small trailer for mixtape promo via YouTube