The WAVE Radio

WAVE MAG RADIO SHOW: WAVE RADIO – will be an extension of The WAVE INK magazine. The WAVE INK is a global alternative art and lifestyle publication. In every issue, we feature music artist from all over the world. We mainly focus on genres of Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB, EDM, DnB.

The show will be hosted by Sean LeBreeze, EIC of The WAVE INK magazine.

The main focus of WAVE RADIO would be to spin the music of the artist that is featured in the magazine and introduce listeners to the new artist that we find as we search for new music and entertainers.

With an already established global fan base, the addition of WAVE RADIO as an extension of the brand was the obvious thing to do. With multiple outlets at our disposal, WAVE RADIO will stream from our official website, YouTube channel and others